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The Living Legend

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life of an outlaw
bode lloyd!

Name: Tupac Amaru Shakur

Date of Birth: June 16, 1971

Date of Death: September 13, 1996

Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York

Place of Death: Las Vegas, Nevada

Measurements: 6' 0" 165 lbs.

Marital Status: Separated/Married

Occupation: Rapper/Actor


SEPTEMBER. 1968:  Afeni Shakur joins the Black Panthers.  She is 22

APRIL 1969: Afeni Shakur is picked up and arrested for conspiracy to bomb several public areas in NY CITY.  During this time, Afeni Shakur is released on bail and during this time "lopes" with two men.  One, 2pac knows as "Legs" and the other Billy.  Billy is involved with the Black Panther Movement.

FEBRUARY 1971:  Afeni Shakur is sent to a Women's House of Detention while pregant with Tupac.

JUNE 16th, 1971: Afeni Shakur is acquitted on the charges brought against her, and in Tupac Shakur is born in the state of New York. 

(TUPAC AMARU SHAKUR)  TUPAC AMARU is named after Inca words meaning "shining serpent".  SHAKUR is arabic for "thankful to God."

1974-1983:  Tupac's family living in the Bronx, moves to Harlem.  It is mentioned that during this time, Tupac and family were moving from shelter to shelter for a place to live.

SEPTEMBER 1983: At age 12, Tupac is enrolled in the 127th Street Ensemble, which at the time is a Harlem Theater Group.  Tupac appears in a small play, A Rasin in the Sun.

JUNE 1986:  The Shakur family moves out of Harlem, and into Baltimore.  Tupac during this time takes the name MC NEW YORK and starts what will later become his great rapping career.

SEPTMEBER 1986:  Tupac is enrolled in the Baltimore School for the Arts.  He studies acting, continues his career writing rap, and does some ballet.

JUNE 1988:  Once again, Tupac and family move, this time to Marin City.  It is in Marin City that Tupac begins selling drugs to make some money.

AUGUST 1988: Mutulu Shakur, Tupac's "Stepfather" is laid down a sentence of 60 years in prison for the 1981 Armored Car robbery, leaving Tupac again without a father figure.

MARCH 1990:  Tupac joins the group Digital Underground as a roadie.  While touring, he becomes favored amongst others in the group, and they make him a dancer/rapper for their shows.  While away on tours, Tupac says he learns of his mother's use of crack.

NOVEMBER 12 1991:  Tupac releases 2Pacalypse Now.      During this same year, Tupac files a 10 million dollar lawsuit against Oakland Police Department for a jaywalking incident that turns brutal.

JANUARY 1992:  Tupac takes his acting skills to the test, and is given a role in Ernest Dickerson's JUICE.  Tupac's character Bishop shines the spot light.

AUGUST 22 1992:  While in Marin City, Tupac attends the 50th Ann. of the city and it's during this party that an altercation takes place with Tupac and some of his long time enemies.  During the fight, a 6 year old little girl is shot and killed. 

SEPTEMBER 1992:  Dan Quayle takes aim at Tupac and says that the album 2Pacalypse Now "Has no place in our society."

FEBRUARY 1993:  Tupac releases his next album, STRICTLY 4 MY N.I.G.G.A.Z is released and goes platinum.

MARCH 1993:  A limo driver accuses Tupac of using drugs in his limo while in Hollywood and files a report.  Tupac is arrested but the charges are later dropped.

APRIL 1993:  Tupac is again arrested, this time in Michigan for swinging at a rapper with a baseball bat.  Tupac is sentenced to 10 days in jail.

JULY 23, 1993:  POETIC JUSTICE, a John Singleton film is released featuring Tupac Shakur and Janet Jackson.  During the production of the movie, Tupac and Janet get off on bad terms when he refuses to take a HIV test that Janet wants him to take.

OCTOBER 31, 1993:  Tupac is arrested for allegedly shooting two off duty police officers.  Tupac states that the officers were harassing a black motorist near by.    The charges are later dropped do to lack of evidence.

NOVEMBER 22 1993:  Tupac is arrested again this time for allegedly sodomizing and sexually abusing a 19 year old woman just 4 days before. 

DECEMBER 1993:  Tupac is dropped from his role in HIGHER LEARNING.

MARCH 10 1994:  Tupac faces 15 days in jail for knocking out director Allen Hughes for being dropped from MENACE II SOCIETY.

MARCH 23 1994:  ABOVE THE RIM is released, Tupac playing the role of Birdie.

NOVEMBER 30 1994:  Tupac is shot five times in the lobby of Times Square recording studio, and robbed of 40k worth of jewelery.  (Theres a history to this, but I don't have the time right this second to go into this one.  I will post this later)    After surgery, it is recorded that Tupac checked himself out of the hospital less than 3 hours after he is placed in the Att. Care unit.  Tupac states that he didn't feel safe being there and had a hearing the next day.

DECEMBER 1 1994:  Tupac beats the sodomy and weapons charges brought against him, but is found guilty for sexual abuse with the 19 year old woman.

FEBRUARY 14, 1995:  Tupac is sentenced to a max time of 4 1/2 years and is sent to serve time at New York's Rikers Island penitentiary.

APRIL 1, 1995:  ME AGAINST THE WORLD hits #1 on the Billboards.    The hit "Dear Mama" is on that album.  This album later goes double platinum.

OCTOBER 1995:  Death Row CEO Suge Knight puts up 1.4 million dollars bond for the release of Tupac Shakur.  Tupac flies directly to L.A. and signs a 3 album deal with Death Row Records.  It is in this time that Tupac starts the production of ALL EYEZ ON ME.

NOVEMBER 30, 1995:  Randy Walker, aka Stretch is murdered in Queens, New York.    Stretch was a close friend of Tupacs, that Tupac mentioned as one of the men who had set him up in the Time Square shootiing.

DECEMBER-FEBRUARY 1995/1996:  Tupac starts slingin' that he has been sleeping with Biggie's wife, singer Faith Evans.  During this time to present, Faith denies all such stories.

FEBRUARY 13, 1996:  ALL EYEZ ON ME is released under Death Row Records, being the first double CD to come from rap.

MARCH 29, 1996:  During the Soul Train awards,  Death Row and Bad Boy employees have a heated confrontation.  During this fight, a gun is pulled and later is linked to following events.  (Soul Train awards was held in Los Angeles.)

APRIL 1996:  ALL EYEZ ON ME goes quintuple platinum.    Tupac's career with Death Row seems to be bonded 4 life, and his career seems untouchable.

JUNE 4, 1996:  Tupac's "HIT EM UP" is released under Death Row.  In this video, Tupac hits hard against Bad Boy, Mobb Deep, Biggie, and the whole East Coast crew connected to Bad Boy Ent.

SEPTEMBER 4, 1996:  During the MTV MUSIC AWARDS, a fight breaks out between Tupac and some Bad Boy employees and fans.  (MTV MUSIC AWARDS was held in New York City.)

SEPTEMBER 7, 1996:  After the Mike Tyson vs Bruce Seldon fight in Las Vegas, Nevada, Tupac and Suge head out to Suge's place for a few drinks before the event at CLUB 662, a club owned by Suge Knight.  The club that night was having a retirement party for some fighters.  During the ride to the club from Suge's place, a white Cadillac pulls up side of Tupac's BMW on the right side.  Suge is driving and Tupac is in the passenger seat.  A large caravan of cars are following Pac and Suge to the Club for the party.  As the Cadillac pulls up side of Tupac's BMW, an assailant from the Cadillac steps out and fires 14 shots into the BMW at as they are stopped at a traffic light.  Tupac takes 4 gunshot wounds.  Two wounds to the chest, one to the hand in an attempt to deflect the shots, and another in his pelvis as he tries to jump in the back of the BMW.  Suge gets "grazzed" by a bullet in the head.  After a U turn and a mile later Suge is pulled over and Tupac is rushed to University Medical Center, where he undergoes the first in the surgeries to save his life.  After initial surgery, doctors cannot stop the internal bleeding that Tupac has taken, and they remove his right lung in an attempt to save the young man's life.

SEPTEMBER 13th, 1996: (FRIDAY 13th)  Tupac Amaru Shakur is pronounced dead at 4:03 P.M.  His body taken for an autopsy and is cremated the next day.  Tupac was 25.

NOVEMBER 5 1997:  Makaveli:  The Don Killuminati:  The 7 Day Theory is released

PRESENT:  Many events have transpired since the release of Makaveli: The Don Killuminati. The Estate of Shakur won the rights to Tupac's unreleased masters. What followed was the release of albums such as: R U STILL DOWN?, Tupac's Greatest Hits, Rose That Grew From Concrete, Still I Rise, Until The End of Time, and Better Dayz. With the end of Tupac's unreleased music finally coming to a close, what will remain are those true fans who will continue to show loyality to Pac & everything he stood for. Although he has enough material left for a couple more albums (minus studio scraps), the hardest part of keeping Pac's legacy & memory alive will come when there is no longer music to release to the fans. How will the fans react? How will they deal with the sudden change of the Pacology? Only time will tell...

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