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adv. 1

Dear Parent

                                    MY MAMA.
      Mamma, you're the queen of my heart, an African queen of an inestimable value.
      SHERIFAT ADENRELE OLOYEDE was born to the family of a comfortable civil-servant and a disciplinarian on the 29th september, 1960. She grew up to be a hard working  woman , a disciplinarian, who takes no non-sense from anyone, despite the strictness, the motherly loving care is always there. She sacrifices her time and money on us her children to be someone in life.
       She taught me everything, and everything she've given me, i always keep it inside. She is the driving force in my life,her words motivates me,it keeps me going on no-matter what .The Africa-Queen is always there for me to love,care for me when skies were grew.Whenever I was down she is always there to comfort me .And no one else can be what she have been to me. She'll always be the girl in my life for all time.
       She's always down for me, always been around for me even when i was bad. She showed me right from wrong(yes she did). And she took up for me when everyone is down in me. She always did understand. She gave me strength to go on. There were so many time looking back when i was so afraid and then she came to me and said to me i can face anything. No one else can do what you've done for me, you'll always be the girl in my life, for i know what it takes and i understand.

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